M.E.T. and General Fitness

Many of us out there question anything foreign, anything new, anything unfamiliar.  I don’t blame ya, it’s in our nature to!
But how would you feel about getting back to your natural state of movement efficiency? After all, it was familiar once…

Remember, that one time, when you were squatting deep to pick up that rattle toy from the floor?

Remember, that one time, when you were running after that bunny rabbit, hurdling logs that were in your way?

Remember, that one time, when you were loaded with heavy textbooks & workbooks  to carry around school and up those stairs? (In the case of Malaysians, the 10billion exercise books we had to lug around along with those textbooks!)

This may sound familiar to you…
“I can’t squat…”
“I can’t run…”
“I can’t lift more than 2kg dumbells…”

Do you think it’s a matter of you CANNOT?…or just a matter of you FORGOT?

Well, I’m really glad I found M.E.T. (Movement Efficiency Training)
An excerpt:
One of the most common benefits the average fitness client seeks is to simply be able to perform activities of daily living with confidence and zest. Due to sedentary lifestyles, the majority of our clients do not move enough. This lack of movement may force the brain to forget how to perform even the most basic of movements resulting in a lack of confidence and excessive loss of energy when movement is required. M.E.T helps the brain remember how to move again and enables the body to move without excessive loss of energy. This results in the reignited pleasure of moving. When a person enjoys moving, they will enjoy moving more, which in turn leads to a greater quality of life.”www.metmethod.com
Think you NEED to be a fitness professional to seek knowledge and improve yourself as an individual? The education course provided by MET Method is open to all who yearn for a better lifestyle.
Next Course Date: 14 January 2012
Duration: 9:00am – 5:00pm
Location: Twin Towers Fitness Center
Course Fee: RM800 (EARLY BIRD RM650)
Booking Contact: METmethod.Malaysia@gmail.com
Here’s one of the videos from http://www.METmethod.com

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