Hi! It’s Em.

I’m a digital content creator, a health coach who beat cancer with special interests in functional medicine, s.3xual wellness and movement expression.

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  • I’m almost at my 5-year mark since 2018 as a cancer & bone marrow transplant survivor
  • I’ve been a fitness/aerial arts/pole dance fitness educator since 2008 (I certify aspiring instructors), and as a personal trainer since 2006
  • I’m enriching professional growth by studying Functional Medicine Health Coaching (FMCA) with IFM and S.3xuality Coach with S.3xual Health Alliance.

🌱 Health Coaching

Craft your intentional life
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🎧 Tackling Minds Podcast

I started this podcast because I’ve experienced first hand the power of human stories. This podcast is a guest-based series covering topics on resilience, mental health, men and soon-to-come on sex & intimacy and Functional Medicine.
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