Fighting Cancer Fund

Cancer is expensive. For me and my family. On top of hospital bills, there are bills illegible for coverage like alternative treatments, consultations and living expenses. Hospital follow-ups, ad hoc hospital stays, managing side effects and weakened immune system have all contributed to being unemployable. Hence, I’ve been without an income since April 2018. While I’ve been very lucky to have random small gigs like admin work and video-content-creation work… eating well, taking taxis to the hospital and having a roof over my head are considered luxuries. Every dollar makes a difference to me. All I hope is to get my health to a decent level so I may start contributing to society again, to repay every one of your kind intentions. ………. Update : June 2021 It’s been 3 months since being employed again (woohoo!) I can’t be more grateful for the people who believe in my abilities because that self-doubt was growing with each day I wasn’t working and contributing to society. Starting the podcast last year truly helped me realize my calling, I’ve never felt more driven than I do now on advocating health – the WHOLE health from the food we eat, the movement we execute and most importantly, the thoughts we think. Since my return to Hong Kong 6 months ago, the podcast had to take a backseat while I do the necessary to earn again. Not having the energy to start my overdue second season has been gnawing at my soul. After burning out a few rounds, I’m tweaking things for another attempt to manage earning to survive and keeping my purpose projects going. The donations here will go towards the production of the podcast. How? Every minute that I dare spend on the podcast and mental health projects, I am not out there trading the hour for income to cover living expenses. It’s something I’m currently wrestling with, just want to be honest with you. Maybe one day, the podcast may fund itself in the time it takes to produce and distribute. For now, I thank YOU for reading this and know that from the bottom of my heart, I appreciate your support. Be Well. Love Hard. Em