Get TV Motivated with Body Blaze!

FINALLY! After some grueling hours of shooting with TEAM EMP, the teasers are out for the new original production by Li TV Life Inspired Channel, called Body Blaze.  I was lucky enough to have a team of fun peeps, putting up with the exercise programs I had designed for the series, tolerating the heat withContinue reading “Get TV Motivated with Body Blaze!”

NEW YEAR DEAL: Dance Fitness Classes

By VIVA VERTICAL MALAYSIA YOUR INVITATION FOR THE NEW YEAR 2012 Viva Vertical invites you to take advantage of an OPEN DAY filled with deals and dance fitness classes! Kick start the new you for the new year 2012!! OPEN DAY, SUNDAY 15 JANUARY, 2012 Viva Vertical Stage, Ground Floor Heritage House, 33 Jalan YapContinue reading “NEW YEAR DEAL: Dance Fitness Classes”

Weight Loss Secret

Weight Loss Secret? It starts with self-image Another great article written by Marcel Daane, creator of MET (Movement Efficiency Training) Method “Just the other day, I was in a business meeting. Even though this meeting was not supposed to be related to fitness or health, I noticed that the small talk going around the tableContinue reading “Weight Loss Secret”

Classes on Alternative Exercises

January’s class schedule is up for Viva Vertical Malaysia! Be sure to LIKE the Facebook page for first hand updates on promotions and news 🙂 STAGE Studio @ Jln Yap Ah Shak MONDAY 11:00 am – 12:00 noon ExoticPole 3:00 pm – 4:30 pm Lyrical Jazz 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm Aerial Arts (Silk Beg)Continue reading “Classes on Alternative Exercises”

M.E.T. and General Fitness

Many of us out there question anything foreign, anything new, anything unfamiliar.  I don’t blame ya, it’s in our nature to! But how would you feel about getting back to your natural state of movement efficiency? After all, it was familiar once… Remember, that one time, when you were squatting deep to pick up thatContinue reading “M.E.T. and General Fitness”

One of the Best Christmas Gifts

…could very well be something that someone can truly appreciate(and feel) from the inside – THE GIFT OF FITNESS. M.E.T. Master Trainers Diamond and Michaela had graciously joined me at Viva Vertical STAGE, to lead a M.E.T. Method based workout.  Joining in on coaching was also M.E.T. Certified Trainer Jeremy Ng, thank you for joiningContinue reading “One of the Best Christmas Gifts”

Are You Skinny Fat?

Fitness professionals in Malaysia (or in Asia generally) get bombarded with negativity in women and weight training. Here’s what I think: Ladies -Unless whomever you’re talking to has education in how the body works, why are you listening to them? Those little 4KG dumbells are NOT going to make you look like Mr Olympia! YouContinue reading “Are You Skinny Fat?”