Fighting with Intention

I didn’t know how much grappling meant to me until this happened… I know, I know… I’ve advocated for grappling and brazilian jiu-jitsu for years now, so why would a belt promotion ignite overwhelming feelings? My first graduation day in 5 years If you’ve followed my YouTube and social media journey, you’ll know I trulyContinue reading “Fighting with Intention”

What I Learned From a Parkour Session

In this video, I also talk about getting a lot of people asking me which are the best gyms in Hong Kong, the best place to learn Pole Dancing, the best studio to learn circus arts or aerial arts in Hong Kong, where to do aerial yoga(like) classes. OH! and parkour – probably one ofContinue reading “What I Learned From a Parkour Session”

The Coach Life: Early Mornings

A few of the many ways I train in the mornings. I actually PREFER morning workouts as they help set me up for better starts. In this video, you’ll see what Hong Kong looks like at 6am, a bit of recovery application using the Power Plate at Optimum Performance Studio and also how to doContinue reading “The Coach Life: Early Mornings”

Making the Call: CrossFit

Hip Hop, Jazz, Contemporary, Pole Dance, Pole Acrobatics, Aerial Silk, Aerial Hoop, Trapeze, Aerial Rope, Muay Thai, MMA, Boxing, Flying Pilates, TRX Training, CrossFit, Teaching, Learning, Training, Performing, Presenting, Filming, Editing, Managing…is there such thing as doing too much?  (and how did Holiday-ing escape from that list???) Despite several breakdowns in 12 years of multi-taskingContinue reading “Making the Call: CrossFit”

Day 5 of Metabolic Detox

HUNGRY . . SORE . . Missing Princess Mononoke .   No training on Day 5, so skipped my last meal since the hunger pangs wore off at the end of the day but as Ed reminded, no skipping the 4 meals on training days! Now… TGIF!!! Probably my favorite dancer/choreographer in Hong Kong –Continue reading “Day 5 of Metabolic Detox”

Day 4 of Metabolic Detox

This was the benchmark of being half way there!  Day 4 actually felt pretty good, even had this CRAZY random moment where I thought I could do veggie only days a few times a week once I am off this detox. The usual morning where I woke before my alarm went off, followed by someContinue reading “Day 4 of Metabolic Detox”

Day 1 of Metabolic Detox

The word “detox” is probably one of the words my fellow Malaysian’s dislike most…because that means not eating GOOD (like, REALLY GOOD) Malaysian food – which might mean the end of the world to some. I was apprehensive about doing another detox since my 3 day cleanse of water, coconut water and green tea.  IContinue reading “Day 1 of Metabolic Detox”