Own Your Changes

emily lola tan by daniel rosenthal photography

The pole move in the video below is commonly called a Brass Monkey deadlift – deadlift meaning there’s no kick ups, hops or swings for momentum during a vertical lift with control from liftoff to re-gripping of pole, with straight legs

Since I stopped training pole fitness tricks, my strength had significantly dropped for pole, including this used to be one of my go-to movements

If my goals for pole were the same as it was 10 years ago, I would’ve prioritized training today…
but my goals are different now.

Our lives change as we evolve, so would our goals. It’s ok to accept them, even when change is hard.

Daniel Rosenthal Photography

The attempts post-cancer were messy struggles, “just getting up” is not the same as Owning The Movement.

I felt strong around 6 weeks ago to try them again, earned a few reps and treated myself to silly happy hops.

It means jack to anybody else but that ain’t the point.

It’s ok to let go a small part of what makes the big part of you, temporarily or longer, so you can focus on the ever-changing life priorities, it doesn’t change who you are.

Your response to change, at the core, is a make up of who you ARE.

Take ownership of the journey.

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