Own Your Changes

The pole move in the video below is commonly called a Brass Monkey deadlift – deadlift meaning there’s no kick ups, hops or swings for momentum during a vertical lift with control from liftoff to re-gripping of pole, with straight legs Since I stopped training pole fitness tricks, my strength had significantly dropped for pole,Continue reading “Own Your Changes”

Pole Dance Airwalk Challenge

You must have heard Jenyne Butterfly somewhere, somehow by now. The former US Pole Champion & Cirque artist who made this airwalk popular in the world of movers. It has been 2 years since I last attempted with 1 year taken off pole training, so this is me being decently pleased that I did notContinue reading “Pole Dance Airwalk Challenge”

It’s Only the Beginning

This post is dedicated to my youngest brother, who had just moved back to Tennessee, back home to Mother who is probably ECSTATIC to have her baby back after almost 10 years of living apart.  I hardly post anything personal on this blog but Adam has been a part of my professional journey as much asContinue reading “It’s Only the Beginning”

Aussie Pole Stuff (Canberra)

Alright, first post of 2013!!! (terrible of me >_<) Well good thing for you is you ain’t gotta read about my NYE and New Year resolution crap and jump right into some pole action stuff! This is my second time in Australia and quite coincidently, both trips happened around Australia Day!  This time around IContinue reading “Aussie Pole Stuff (Canberra)”

Viva Circus Presents: NEVERLAND

Viva Circus presents our inaugural production “Neverland” starring Adam Tan (Australian Hip Hop Championships Runner Up), Samantha Yee (Ultimate Pole Champion Malaysia), Emily Tan (Presenter Body Blaze LiTV), ViST alongside Viva Vertical and Viva Circus troupe members. Discover the secrets of Neverland this xmas with spectacular aerial acrobatic stunts using fabric, rope, trapeze and poles,Continue reading “Viva Circus Presents: NEVERLAND”

Viva Circus at Taylor’s Retreat: Action Shots

  OK so this is more like a photo post AND it’s about five months late but hell, better late than never  😛 Here are some action shots from our day at Taylor’s Retreat UK for their fund raiser through pole and circus.                        Continue reading “Viva Circus at Taylor’s Retreat: Action Shots”

Viva Circus at Taylor’s Retreat: Playtime

So the four of us – Sam, Shan, Vee and myself, were invited to perform at this Fund Raiser for Cancer Research UK.  Of course we said yes, any time we have an opportunity to help a great cause, we’re there – not to mention Ben who runs Taylor’s Retreat Pole Studio is a friendlyContinue reading “Viva Circus at Taylor’s Retreat: Playtime”