Beginners Mindset

The beginner’s time is so underrated…

I hear this often:
“I can’t pole dance, I don’t have the skills!”

Me as a teacher:
“That is ESSENTIALLY WHY my job exists 👀 “

But also:
“Of course you don’t know how to do something BECAUSE you don’t have the skills! If you want to, LEARN”

Can this be said about self-actualization?

I spent my academic years in Chinese school up to age 12 in Malaysia, we were taught how to memorise like a bawse but give me open interpretation like a book essay, I almost failed Eng. Lit. my senior year in an American high school.

My brain couldn’t compute why I was asked to write my thoughts on a book whose thoughts were clearly documented by the author. If you were an immigrant like me having to change your entire system of learning academically, I feel you ❤️

Whether it’s pole dancing or English Literature, salsa or intimacy…etc, we HAVE to explore different methods of learning.

Why do we have to be good in things before the learning attempt?

Why do we newbies expect competence in skills that take a master years to arrive at a level of comfort to even be called a master?

What happened to our nature of play? Of curiosity?

Since when have we spent our practice hours shaking our heads in frustration a hell lot more than shaking our assess in fun?

Through projects like developing what I want @tacklingminds to encompass in resilience and @mentalmusclemafia in emotional fitness, clarity is gained at the speed of an inchworm BUT… it is movement, and likely the pace I NEED.

Like our bodies, our brains need time to process and adapt.
Spiritually speaking, so do our souls.

Seek a teacher who never forgot how to he a beginner, it IS part of YOUR experience.

May I invite you to OWN the beginner’s time?

A beginner in Pole Dancing?
A beginner in Weightlifting? Movement Training? Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu?
A beginner in honest conversations?
A beginner in listening?
A beginner in cultivating empathy?

AMAZING. PROPS to starting and enjoying LEARNING & LIVING.

Stay Curious, My Friends ❤️‍🔥

Image by Lululemon Malaysia

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