Myth of Motivation

Recently, it’s been brutal waking up earlier to get my training in…some days I just feel like utter poo and demotivated (shocker to some since I’ve been assumed to be a gym rat and LOVE torturing myself). Hellloooooo, I am human and I love cookies too!

Some days I set a gazillion alarms…though I end up prolonging my snoozing

Some days I schedule my training and PTs back to back…though end up waking late and just making it for PT before work, thus missing training for the day

Some days I ask Alix to carry me out of bed in the morning…LITERALLY…which might or might not result in morningcrankinesspossibleasswhoopingbyagirlwithmuscles


Some days I get up on time but end up lounging with my coffee, denying procrastination…resulting in shorter time allocated for training

Some days I stalk Michelle Lewin’s videos…seriously that woman can motivate even a snake to wanna build a booty…AND THEN I feel pumped to hit the gym

michelle lewin db row

This is all honesty, no bullshit, just because I train others doesn’t mean it is easy to train myself ALL THE TIME.

So when I came upon this snippet on motivation

Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 7.12.16 PM

I thought it was perfect and that I can’t be the only one facing these struggles.

Hope this helps you too

Here’s the full thing:

“Motivation comes and goes. Some days, it’s awesome — you are full of zest and mojo and ready to kick life in the ass.
Some days that motivation will be totally MIA. You’ll consider wetting the bed because it feels like too much effort to crawl out to the bathroom.
But it doesn’t matter.
You don’t need motivation nor inspiration to have good habits.
In fact, what differentiates an “expert” from an “amateur” is not motivation… but action. “Experts” hunker down and find ways to get the job done, regardless of how they feel.
We commonly assume that motivation and inspiration — in other words, a particular mental state — come before action.
Sometimes that’s true.
Most of the time, it’s not.
Action often occurs before motivation and that desired mental state.
For instance, let’s say one day you decide to go for a walk. You’re not really inspired per se, but your brain feels fuzzy and you want some fresh air.
At first, you just sort of clump along, staring at the ground.
After 5 or 10 minutes, the brisk breeze starts to clear the cobwebs.
You stand taller and breathe more deeply. Your stride lengthens and your hips loosen up. Now you’re walking proud. You have direction. The movement is actually giving you energy.
After 20-30 minutes, you finish that walk on a high.
Your brain fuzz is gone, replaced by crystal-clear thoughts. Your body is energized. You feel re-engaged with life and the universe. Now you’ve found that motivated mental state.
What changed? You acted first.
When it comes to change:
**Action is more important than information.**
**Doing is more important than knowing.**
No matter how much you know, only consistent, daily action creates change.”
What’s one small, meaningful action YOU can do today?


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