How to Feel Fit Again After Summer Break

Who doesn’t love a little hiatus from a hectic Hong Kong city life from time to time? Of course, everything has its price.  It is unfortunate that we can’t leave those extra calories behind along with those Summer beaches – so the reality, we shall face. Look at it this way, we go on aContinue reading “How to Feel Fit Again After Summer Break”

Myth of Motivation

Recently, it’s been brutal waking up earlier to get my training in…some days I just feel like utter poo and demotivated (shocker to some since I’ve been assumed to be a gym rat and LOVE torturing myself). Hellloooooo, I am human and I love cookies too! Some days I set a gazillion alarms…though I endContinue reading “Myth of Motivation”

An awesome highlight from Hong Kong’s contribution to World Pull Up day on the island side. Check for updated scores worldwide and see if we set the world record or not! Here are my chin ups: In the mean time, I’m gonna enjoy doing some shopping 🙂 Thank you Street Workout Hong Kong teamContinue reading

GUEST BLOG: Kids Capoeira

In my effort to keep the blogging regular (and for your reading entertainment), I will have guest bloggers post here from now on too with what they know best. First guest blogger is Zen Humpage, awesomely known as Professor Berimbau who teaches Capoeira in Hong Kong.  Having been a fitness professional for over 7 yearsContinue reading “GUEST BLOG: Kids Capoeira”

The Disciplined Brother – Andrew Tan

I gotta give it to my brother Andrew. All he needed were a few resources and BAM he’s the most disciplined one in the house right now! Now that he has joined the world of smart phones, he’s able to take photos of the food he eats and share tips on how to prepare themContinue reading “The Disciplined Brother – Andrew Tan”