How to Feel Fit Again After Summer Break

Who doesn’t love a little hiatus from a hectic Hong Kong city life from time to time? Of course, everything has its price. ┬áIt is unfortunate that we can’t leave those extra calories behind along with those Summer beaches – so the reality, we shall face. Look at it this way, we go on aContinue reading “How to Feel Fit Again After Summer Break”

What I Learned From a Parkour Session

In this video, I also talk about getting a lot of people asking me which are the best gyms in Hong Kong, the best place to learn Pole Dancing, the best studio to learn circus arts or aerial arts in Hong Kong, where to do aerial yoga(like) classes. OH! and parkour – probably one ofContinue reading “What I Learned From a Parkour Session”

The Perfect Workout

“They have a greater effect, a greater consequence, a greater benefit,” Seto says. “Maybe because you’re so flexible when you’re younger, you can spring maybe you don’t see that big a benefit in stretching, rest and recovery, icing, all of that. You can get away with eating unhealthy. Now, as you’re getting older, it makesContinue reading “The Perfect Workout”

Myth of Motivation

Recently, it’s been brutal waking up earlier to get my training in…some days I just feel like utter poo and demotivated (shocker to some since I’ve been assumed to be a gym rat and LOVE torturing myself). Hellloooooo, I am human and I love cookies too! Some days I set a gazillion alarms…though I endContinue reading “Myth of Motivation”

Post Detox Week

First day after the 7 Day Detox should have been like Thanksgiving. Instead I celebrated the first meal post detox with a McDonald’s brewed coffee and Salmon with veggies at 8am on a Sunday morning *fist pump* Adrenaline kicked in as the usual pre-course psych up as I prepared to power through a 9 hourContinue reading “Post Detox Week”