I was in such a dilemma on whether or not I should have gone for a Saturday morning WOD, knowing I would have to teach a class right after in the morning and prepare for a full day of course teaching the next.  Ed from Coastal Fitness reminded me of a key point in this detox – STRESS REDUCTION.  Sure I would have been OK during the workout, during the WOD and ride off my adrenaline the next day but I know I would’ve been toast by Sunday evening and screw myself possibly for Monday’s work and WOD.

So sensible I opted to be and took day 7 off.  The only physical activity done for the day was teaching a TRX Circuit class at Flex and grocery shopping.

Since I had more time to myself on day 7, I was roaming Instagram more though after 5 photos of people’s deliciousyummyscrumptioustastywhymusttheylooksogood food, I gave up…

Rule of thumb – if you’re gonna be on this detox, STAY AWAY from Instagram -_-


Question of the day was how am I going to celebrate my first meal off detox and perhaps it was a good thing my course was scheduled on Day 8 because I might have had lots of crazy visuals of pancakes dancing in chocolate rain on creamy gelato with a band of fried chicken drumsticks.  Going through a week of this and just to throw it away for seconds of weakness? NOT HAPPENING! So sensible Emily let professionalism take over and planned to avoid a chance of food coma while teaching an eight hour course.

So it turns out I was just looking forward to having garlic in my veggies and the texture of salmon on day 8, more than anything else.


…and coffee


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