Post Detox Week

First day after the 7 Day Detox should have been like Thanksgiving.


Instead I celebrated the first meal post detox with a McDonald’s brewed coffee and Salmon with veggies at 8am on a Sunday morning *fist pump*

Adrenaline kicked in as the usual pre-course psych up as I prepared to power through a 9 hour day at Optimum Performance Studio in Central, Hong Kong.  The biggest group for a TRX GSTC so far, participants showed up bright and early with some feeling nervous about never using a TRX before in group setting.

trx gstc emily tan hong kong
Photo Courtesy of Optimum Performance Studio
trx training hong kong
Photo courtesy of Optimum Performance Studio
emily tan trainer hong kong
Photo courtesy of Optimum Performance Studio

This is probably the only group I’ve taught so far with so many Pilates trained instructors attending too (Note to self – practice the TRX Sit Up MORE).  OPS team members Wayne, Phoebe and Kevin were absolutely rock stars having provided fantastic support throughout the day, coming in on their days off too!  Gotta love the passion people have in the TRX Hong Kong community!  I had an amazing day with the new people I met, pretty much made up for the week of detox 🙂

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emily tan trx trainer hong kong
Photo courtesy of Optimum Performance Studio

Monday and Tuesday were planned out as cautious as possible, still keeping to veggies as much as I can.  Learning that I might not tolerate eggs the same way I had before the detox though was a bit of a let down…bye bye Sunday brunch Eggs Benedict *sob… hello brunch pancakes?  I’ll only know for sure when I do another week of this cautious feeding and get to know my gut better.

Energy levels on Monday and Tuesday were completely out of whack.  I don’t blame it 100% on the meatless week though it definitely had some effect.

Despite not having a good night sleep last night, I felt SO much better on the fourth day today.  Stuck to fish again today and going to try some chicken feeding tomorrow!  Held off meat until the fifth day, eh, not bad 🙂

Looking ahead, I am PSYCHED (and scared) (and nervous) about the CrossFit Level 1 Certification Course happening at Coastal Fitness Hong Kong this weekend!

crossfit hong kong

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