Day 6 of Metabolic Detox

This is it…

…this is where I know that seductive white light of TASTE is getting close and it is only a matter of days (or hours) before the willpower starves and dies



I have NEVER in my life remember dreaming of food, EVER.

Needless to say that my first two veggie meals were pretty difficult to get in, more like chasing spinach with ice cold water! Energy level pretty much revolved around physical activities for the day.  If I wasn’t moving much at Flex or at CFPC, I was pretty tired and sleepy.

All I wanted to do was be like Daisy.


Being the one who usually charges up and down the escalators in Hong Kong, I succumbed to waiting in that tuna pack of a line just to be on the standing side of the escalators *shame*

Now when I DO feel pumped during the CFPC’s workouts, it feels PHENOMENAL 😀 Sure there are moments when I thought the coaches were being over ambitious with my ability (still feel that way) and I would just bomb it, like when Brats threw on 90kg for my last set of deadlifts and gave me a you’re-gonna-do-it look…

I felt like this…


3 rep max


Git’er Done

A great week it has been at Coastal Fitness 🙂


Let your body surprise your mind!

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