Day 3 of Metabolic Detox

You know those times when you happen to get up before the alarm goes off, and you feel cheated of sleep while you lay in bed wondering why the world hates you?… OK, I don’t really… but I do wish for a genie to appear and grant my wish of beauty sleep.  TWO mornings in a row that this happened now!

To try countering previous day’s sleepy spells, I decided on green shakes again.  This time though, my friends and family who were TRULY disgusted by them green shakes, will now have ground to stand on because it was honestly a challenge to chug in the morning.  Being on this detox means only veggies, EVCO and EVOO – that goes for shakes too.  Cucumber, celery, kailan, bokchoy and water blended to a delicious looking green smoothie…delicious…best thing in the world…*tricking the mind*

Wait so WHY drink this?  In my experience of green juicing, I’ve always felt more alert and pumped throughout the day.  Hence battling 5 minutes of forced gulping versus 5 hours of bed-dreaming seems like a no brainer  >___<

1) Energy Levels – The green shake helped, DEFINITELY more awake in the morning.  A slight drop in energy by noon and sleepiness kicked in while I was on the bus from Aberdeen to Coastal Fitness….with the slightest…TINIEST thought of jumping buses and heading home instead of braving through a WOD 😛  Now we all know physical activity will help boost energy, so I made sure about attending the Vinyasa Flow class with Michelle Ricaille at Flex in the afternoon.  Not sure if this lunch time class seemed a little tougher or I was just ultra sensitive to the class intensity yesterday…hmmmm.

not sure

2) Meal Intervals – With the green shake in the morning, I was able to space out my veggies and rice protein shakes throughout the day.  The extra servings of veggies definitely filled me up more, especially having those cucumber sticks with higher water content.  The good that came out of this was having waaaaaay less hunger pangs!  In fact, I think I only imagined food once yesterday – all you can eat fried chicken…dam you Brats and Cal


3) Supplements – Nothing changed here except increasing my intake of BCAAs after last night’s workout.



I never thought I would ever do that amount of pistol squats… EVER… so I am extremely happy I did it anyway! Didn’t RX on my push jerk (40kg) and stuck to 35kg instead.  For some reason, I couldn’t get myself to do THAT for 25 reps AFTER 50 KB swings (16kg).  Full WOD on CFPT’s WOD BLOG .

coastal fitness hk

After some wobbling about, I was determine to try some flexibility stuff after yesterday’s WOD.  I don’t feel a whole lot slimmer from the detox but I sure do feel less mass in the arse 🙁  That could really just be how I am feeling and ignoring any other loss in mass so there was only one of the few ways to find out in my world – FLEX TEST!  Lo and behold, I was able to sink deeper into these exercises! Yippppppeeeeeeeeeeee!

Emily Tan Flexibility

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