Day 2 of Metabolic Detox

Was Day 2 any easier than Day 1?

Honestly, it wasn’t as difficult as I had feared…but it wasn’t any easier either.

1) Energy levels – Sleepy by noon

This made me downed 4 cups of green tea but on the bright side, I was sitting less since I felt like getting up every half hour for something would help keep me up (like restroom breaks with all the water I’m getting in).  Oddly enough, I was way more energized by Crossfit session in the early evening and was pleased that I could still front squat 50kg/deadlift 70kg for the minimum required reps *pumps fists*  The journey from Coastal Fitness to home though, was a different story – it felt like a long hike while fighting cattle as my energy drained and patience worn out at the end of the day O_O


2) Meal intervals – Managed to stick with getting veggies and rice protein shake in every 3-3.5 hours but holy cow, those have GOT to be the LONGEST 3 hours break EVER in between the eating.  I should also make it a rule that no staff is allowed to make instant noodles EVER…at work *evil stare

Screen Shot 2013-07-30 at 8.21.41 AM

3) Supplements – I was a good girl and got my 20g of BCAAs in for the day, then somehow screwed up my score card by forgetting NOT to have the greens before bedtime.  The probable result of a less rested night? Being agonized by the inability to fall asleep as quick as your body was screaming in demand for, since all I had wanted to do in the morning was to veg out in bed *daydreams of comfy bed and comfy duvet


Things to scale for a better Day 3:

1) Up the amount of veggies per meal!!!

This amount below was the portion per meal.  WAAAAAAY too little to sustain the day



Now to psych up for the day…


Some guys have Jessica Alba crush, some girls have Twilight guy crush (forgot his name)…I have crew crush

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