PINK Classes at Flex with CancerFund

Pink may not be your favorite color but it sure can be a color of cause for you to take note on. Flex Studio fully supports Power to the Pink with special classes this October.”.. “In support of cancer awareness and women living with breast cancer, we will be running a series of PINK classesContinue reading “PINK Classes at Flex with CancerFund”

New Place to Flex in Hong Kong

Save the Date! Flex Studio is celebrating the opening of its brand new studio in Central, Hong Kong! Their second location will be fully equipped for Pilates Allegro classes, as well as TRX Training, Flying Pilates, Aerial Hammock, and Xtend Barre.  Fret not if you prefer Private Training as this studio on Wyndham Street willContinue reading “New Place to Flex in Hong Kong”

Day 6 of Metabolic Detox

This is it… …this is where I know that seductive white light of TASTE is getting close and it is only a matter of days (or hours) before the willpower starves and dies I DREAMT OF TERIYAKI CHICKEN AND SALMON DON WTF? I have NEVER in my life remember dreaming of food, EVER. Needless toContinue reading “Day 6 of Metabolic Detox”

Day 3 of Metabolic Detox

You know those times when you happen to get up before the alarm goes off, and you feel cheated of sleep while you lay in bed wondering why the world hates you?… OK, I don’t really… but I do wish for a genie to appear and grant my wish of beauty sleep.  TWO mornings inContinue reading “Day 3 of Metabolic Detox”

GUEST BLOG: Kids Capoeira

In my effort to keep the blogging regular (and for your reading entertainment), I will have guest bloggers post here from now on too with what they know best. First guest blogger is Zen Humpage, awesomely known as Professor Berimbau who teaches Capoeira in Hong Kong.  Having been a fitness professional for over 7 yearsContinue reading “GUEST BLOG: Kids Capoeira”


In my experience, there really only has been two types of people I meet most of the time throughout my TRX teaching journey – those who have never heard of such acronym and wonder if it is some type of T-rex dinosaur workout, versus those who absolutely fear those three letters with their sanity. PerhapsContinue reading “TRX: WHEN YOU DON’T HAVE TO FEAR THE STRAPS”