Hong Kong Play

Every visit to Hong Kong leads me to discover more beauties about it.  I’m not much of a shopper unless the Hong Kong central area traffic cuts down by 80%, is there such thing as being claustrophobic amongst people-crowd? …There must be… heck, apparently there is a disorder for people who love working out (-___-”)

HAPPY that I got to catch up with my fellow TRX buddies and even joined in some classes! Such a different thing it is, telling people what to do on the TRX and BEING TOLD to challenge ME 😛

So exercise with the body and camera kept me moving around…

Here are some recognizable visuals of Hong Kong

The bay by Tsim Sha Tsui


When it’s cold outside and you have a hard time working out, GO INDOORS AND FIND THESE PLAY AREAS!

Look Good Naked Training Grounds @ Optimum Performance Studio

The wall I HAD to ninja…

You can find LGN on their website or Facebook Page

Managed to visit Kowloon Park on the very last day…at like 6:45am! (pats self on back for being up early)


Back to play time, we manage to ninja some action with a basketball and bruce

Many thanks to Zen for hanging with Adam and I!

Until next time Hong Kong…STAY AWESOME

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