Reignited Love for Pole

This trip to Hong Kong was more than just supporting brother Adam… (who took home the Pole Fit Champion title by the way! JJJYYEEAAAHHH!)

… I ain’t sure if it’s normal but I kinda fell off the bandwagon in pole training, hugely due to loss of that drive to push myself anymore…

… until I was back where I started…as a student…

and it HIT…

“When you feel like giving up, remember why you held on for so long in the first place”

…. Thanks Zane Gan’s tattoo šŸ˜‰

Taking the pole workshops organized by the IPC 2012 committee was one of the best decisions I made…being able to have a chat with some of the world’s most famous pole athletes, especially Natasha Wang reminded me that though this s*** ain’t easy, it’s still possible and it’s all about how much you want it…I feel that LOLA…is kinda back

… driven and ready for What’s Next šŸ™‚

In the mean time, here are some photos from the few days stretch of workshops held at IPC studio partners Aerial Arts Academy and Fitness Compass in Hong Kong.

Natasha Wang teaching the russian split
Natasha Wang, USA Champion of USPDF
Natasha with Viva Vertical Malaysia's Adam Tan, Samantha Yee and Shan Liew
Michelle Hafner breaking down the Kamikazi
Michelle Hafner, Australia Champion from Pure Pole Academy
Oona Kivela leading her power warm up
Oona Kivela, Finland Champion
Oona with Viva Vertical Malaysia's Samantha Yee
Jenyne Butterfly, World Champion
Jenyne with Aerial Arts Academy Hong Kong & Viva Vertical Malaysia's Natasha Bukllima, Me and Tessa Yung

Official photos and videos will be out by IPC 2012 committee, check their website or Facebook page


More news coverage on the International Pole Championship 2012 in Hong Kong by Telegraph TV UK

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