Viva Circus at Taylor’s Retreat: Playtime

So the four of us – Sam, Shan, Vee and myself, were invited to perform at this Fund Raiser for Cancer Research UK.  Of course we said yes, any time we have an opportunity to help a great cause, we’re there – not to mention Ben who runs Taylor’s Retreat Pole Studio is a friendlyContinue reading “Viva Circus at Taylor’s Retreat: Playtime”

South of France

I had the pleasure of visiting France for the second time though instead of Paris which is pretty predictable, I landed at Marseille airport.  Stayed in Miramas throughout the few days and had such a lovely time experiencing a different side of the French doings.  Unlike Paris, peeps were warmer, despite majority not speaking englishContinue reading “South of France”

Aerial Training in UK

Our first stop during our UK Training Tour – Cambridge Community Center.  A pretty dope space used for just about everybody with a knack for movement based activity.  Rotated and shared amongst teachers of different expertise, this place was equipped for mixed martial arts, aerial arts, circus arts, dance and there’s even some pretty coolContinue reading “Aerial Training in UK”

UK Playtime with TRX

Some backdated updates from my second trip to the UK. This time around, it was with 3 of my favorite ladies! We started our tour in Cambridge, spent some lovely time with V’s family there and got acquainted with the peaceful town.  Other than our training sessions, we took the time for nature walks andContinue reading “UK Playtime with TRX”

Hong Kong Play

Every visit to Hong Kong leads me to discover more beauties about it.  I’m not much of a shopper unless the Hong Kong central area traffic cuts down by 80%, is there such thing as being claustrophobic amongst people-crowd? …There must be… heck, apparently there is a disorder for people who love working out (-___-”)Continue reading “Hong Kong Play”