Set Your Own Rules

...I just wanna Pole

MakeUp for Active Women

One challenge I have from being active (read: sweaty) all the time - is keeping makeup on. (Having sensitive skin doesn't make MakeUp any funer either). Nonetheless, every girl needs to have her set of makeup on standby! My saviour? - BARE MINERALS Foundation, carried by SEPHORA What makes bareMinerals so special? We use only... Continue Reading →

“Chicks That Kick”…Ass

If you're a girly girl, you would probably think girls in martial arts are tomboys. If you're a smartypants girl, you probably think girls in martial arts are wasting their time If you're Miss Paranoia, you probably think you'll die doing martial arts ...think or call it however you want, chicks who kick...can beat your... Continue Reading →

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