In my experience, there really only has been two types of people I meet most of the time throughout my TRX teaching journey – those who have never heard of such acronym and wonder if it is some type of T-rex dinosaur workout, versus those who absolutely fear those three letters with their sanity. PerhapsContinue reading “TRX: WHEN YOU DON’T HAVE TO FEAR THE STRAPS”

Get TRX Certified in Kuala Lumpur

We did our first course of the year 2012 with Group Suspension Training Course (GSTC) on 4 March! Thanks again to Chi Fitness of Bangsar Shopping Center as the official venue for TRX Malaysia‘s education courses. Congratulations to our next group of TRX GSTC Trainers in Malaysia! Stay tuned for the updates on the nextContinue reading “Get TRX Certified in Kuala Lumpur”

TRX for Group Training

Watch this video to hear the story of Callie, a TRX Group Suspension Training Course graduate, who has found big success in her career with the tools she learned from the TRX Group Suspension Training Course. +++ Next course is set to be on 4 March, 2012 right here in Kuala Lumpur! Contact

TRX Global Instructor Summit 2011

A diary in video: An event I look forward to since the first global summit last year in Bangkok. A place that set in such peace and excitement at the same time A learning journey with amazing people An experience in itself, where no camera can capture its essence …but we can sure try TRXContinue reading “TRX Global Instructor Summit 2011”

TRX Global Instructor Summit 2011: Tiger Muay Thai Camp

Catering to fitness professionals from all over Asia (and more this year from USA and EU) does not sound like an easy task. Jia who’s regional from TRX ( sure did a hell of a job, raising the bar on the summit’s standards. Thanks to Mark Mariani who’s now based in Phuket, the entire teamContinue reading “TRX Global Instructor Summit 2011: Tiger Muay Thai Camp”