TRX Global Instructor Summit 2011: Location

A beautiful setting on the coast of Phuket, Thailand

TRX GSTC #2 in Singapore

TRX Fitness Singapore organized the second public GSTC last Sunday on 3 April. This time around it was held at Fitness Chemistry studio on Boon Tat Street, Singapore. A cool set up to accommodate areas for kickboxing, TRX Suspension Training and resistance band training Participants get instant access to purchasing their very own TRX Suspension... Continue Reading →

TRX Action in Singapore

Held at SPEED Institute, the first public TRX-GSTC was launched on 27 February, 2011! It was an insanely GREAT experience! Thanks to J,Linzi, Marcel & Ursula's positive encouragements, I pushed past my shitty situation and refueled the required energy (drained by Vampires for weeks!) to do my best in making it a FUN TRX DAY!... Continue Reading →

TRX Goodness in Australia

Every event conducted by Fitness Anywhere Inc for TRX out here in Asia Pacific so far have been great experiences.  How often do you get so many individuals who are uniquely talented in their field with enormous amount of experience and inspiring life stories...all in one room for daysssss in a row?  As for myself, I... Continue Reading →

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