Pole Dance in Desa Sri Hartamas

It felt so CHEEEERY being back in Talent Hub again! Went to do periodic class observation as part of the pole instructor team’s development , and MY MY was I impressed with the fantastic work Fiona did with the place! And  seeing this Wall-Of-Fame again and how it grew makes me HAPPY!   Finally gotContinue reading “Pole Dance in Desa Sri Hartamas”

Pole Dance JAM in Gyms

One thing I had missed while being out of KL so long, was teaching Pole Jam classes at fitness centers. There’s something about being in a large fitness center with its pumping music, lights reflecting from mirrors everywhere, gym goers all pumped up around you working off their Nasi Lemak with determination, group fitness classContinue reading “Pole Dance JAM in Gyms”

Common Injuries:Pole & Aerial Athletes

From: Sports Injury Clinic.net What is Impingement Syndrome? Impingement Syndrome, which is sometimes called Swimmer’s shoulder or Thrower’s shoulder, is caused by the tendons of the rotator cuff (supraspinatus, infraspinatus, teres minor and subscapularis muscles) becoming ‘impinged’ as they pass through a narrow bony space called the Subacromial space – so called because it isContinue reading “Common Injuries:Pole & Aerial Athletes”