New Place to Flex in Hong Kong

Save the Date! Flex Studio is celebrating the opening of its brand new studio in Central, Hong Kong! Their second location will be fully equipped for Pilates Allegro classes, as well as TRX Training, Flying Pilates, Aerial Hammock, and Xtend Barre.  Fret not if you prefer Private Training as this studio on Wyndham Street willContinue reading “New Place to Flex in Hong Kong”

Moving again with Capoeira

In the past three months, I have been dealing with a series of injuries which are pretty odd to me in how they occurred…all but one which was definitely the Kamikaze on Pole over new year break.  The most bizarre one (to me) was the lower back injury about 2 weeks ago, which has now subsidedContinue reading “Moving again with Capoeira”