“Chicks That Kick”…Ass

If you’re a girly girl, you would probably think girls in martial arts are tomboys. If you’re a smartypants girl, you probably think girls in martial arts are wasting their time If you’re Miss Paranoia, you probably think you’ll die doing martial arts …think or call it however you want, chicks who kick…can beat yourContinue reading ““Chicks That Kick”…Ass”

Are you an infomercial “victim”?

Infomercials promoting weight loss with the minimal info given and then having models with washboard abs telling you they got results via…3mins a day…?? Sounds too good to be true? Well, IT IS! It drives me up the wall and sends shivers down my spine everytime I hear about people buying these equipment based onlyContinue reading “Are you an infomercial “victim”?”