Total Body Park Workout

Think you need a fully equipped gym for a great workout? THINK AGAIN

Why Exercise?

It may sound contradicting but Exercise does not ALWAYS have to be about getting those six pack abs and buns of steel.  Majority do not realize that the "other people" ( whom they usually refer to as "fitness buffs", "fitness freaks", "fitness people")  all ENJOY the release they get from exercising. ENJOYing exercise? Some may... Continue Reading →

MET 教練培訓: Movement Efficiency Training Course

This post in Chinese was translated by Pitt Tseng of Let's Move TAIWAN. This AFAA and ACE accredited course will be conducted by Marcel Daane on 14 January 2011, at Twin Towers Fitness Center. Do check out the FACEBOOK event page for updates and follow us on Twitter! @METmethod -------------------- M.E.T (Movement Efficiency Training ) 教練培訓... Continue Reading →

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