Sandbells? Easy Peasy…

  ….some may say from just LOOKING at them.   but WAIT til you MOVE with them! Marcel Daane of had first launched MET in Singapore last year, followed by USA early this year, introducing Sandbells and Hyperwear vests. “Developing effective movement pattern progressions and regressions depends greatly on the readiness of the nervousContinue reading “Sandbells? Easy Peasy…”

TRX Group Suspension Training Course #3

“TRX Fitness Singapore” hosted their third public GSTC at Fitness Chemistry (Raffles Place) on May 8th. This time around I had a smaller group which gave me the opportunity to connect more with the participants, it was a nice change 🙂 Having already know two of the participants made it a more fun day too,Continue reading “TRX Group Suspension Training Course #3”

Pole Dance JAM in Gyms

One thing I had missed while being out of KL so long, was teaching Pole Jam classes at fitness centers. There’s something about being in a large fitness center with its pumping music, lights reflecting from mirrors everywhere, gym goers all pumped up around you working off their Nasi Lemak with determination, group fitness classContinue reading “Pole Dance JAM in Gyms”