TRX Group Suspension Training: 27 November 2011

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An Interview with Fraser Quelch

One of my biggest inspiration in the industry, is none other that the charismatic leader who plays one of the most important role at TRX Training (also known as Fitness Anywhere Inc).¬† Check out Sean's interview with Fraser here: From ATLAS PERFORMANCE¬† Today head coach Sean Connolly asks Fraser Quelch, the director of training and... Continue Reading →

TRX Action in Singapore

Held at SPEED Institute, the first public TRX-GSTC was launched on 27 February, 2011! It was an insanely GREAT experience! Thanks to J,Linzi, Marcel & Ursula's positive encouragements, I pushed past my shitty situation and refueled the required energy (drained by Vampires for weeks!) to do my best in making it a FUN TRX DAY!... Continue Reading →

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