Aussie Pole Stuff (Canberra)

Alright, first post of 2013!!! (terrible of me >_<) Well good thing for you is you ain’t gotta read about my NYE and New Year resolution crap and jump right into some pole action stuff! This is my second time in Australia and quite coincidently, both trips happened around Australia Day!  This time around IContinue reading “Aussie Pole Stuff (Canberra)”

To Release “Control”

“The strength of the team is each individual member… the strength of each member is the team!” (Phil Jackson, Coach, Chicago Bulls) Coach Chris Heddles at ZigZag Circus, gave me a very good insight with a few simple words “Stop having the need to control…” Being the “flyer” in acro, you have to let theContinue reading “To Release “Control””

TRX Goodness in Australia

Every event conducted by Fitness Anywhere Inc for TRX out here in Asia Pacific so far have been great experiences.  How often do you get so many individuals who are uniquely talented in their field with enormous amount of experience and inspiring life stories…all in one room for daysssss in a row?  As for myself, IContinue reading “TRX Goodness in Australia”