Aerial Arts & Stage Performance EXPERIENCE

Stuck on what do give your loved ones and friends this Christmas? Give them a special gift of an experience to remember! EXPERIENCE Aerial Arts & Stage Performance with Viva Vertical STAGE +++ +++ +++ Not quite sure what they are? In a nutshell….. What is Aerial Arts Dance? For whom Aerial Dance a greatContinue reading “Aerial Arts & Stage Performance EXPERIENCE”

Aerial Performance at 1Malaysia Unified Sale Launch

I’ve heard that there were some awesome new stores open in KLCC like Cream & Fudge Factory, Sephora…etc but have not made a trip to KLCC a priority. This time around I finally got to go because VIVA CIRCUS were hired to perform for the launch of 1Malaysia Unified Mega Sale campaign…and I got toContinue reading “Aerial Performance at 1Malaysia Unified Sale Launch”

Supporting Malaysian Talents

We all know AT LEAST one person in our circle of friends who complain that Malaysia is behind on new talents, supportive community for performing arts, unenthusiastic Malaysian audience, primitive locals who are DINO-Age when it comes to social media…bla bla bla Well, since we’re all on the same page in sharing the vision ofContinue reading “Supporting Malaysian Talents”