Hey you! I’m Emily, also known as Lola.

Who am I? Why do I have a website? What am I selling?

If I could, I’d love to sell the belief of superhuman spirit… but we ain’t here to go deep, are we… 🤓

Hang on, I take that back, we CAN – that’s the premise of my podcast, largely inspired from currently fighting cancer. Going deep also led me to start Mental Muscle and allow it to grow along a journey of healing, self-discovery and intentional living 🍃

Back to this page, it’s a space where I consolidate pieces of me and what I devote my time to – writing, creating videos and more.

This space is to remind myself that life is as enriching as we set out to make it.

(also a visual name-card for anyone who might be interested in working with me)

Thanks for stopping by! I’m glad you’re here 🫶