Movement in Malaysia

We're supposed to be a developing nation, as the leaders say. ┬áIt takes the entire nation to make it happen though A movement, right here in Malaysia... 100,000 + Refugees exist in Malaysia. They cannot attend public school. They cannot get legal employment. They have to live in fear. Malaysia is one of a minority... Continue Reading →

Can You Move?

This workout was carried out by a mixture of fitness professionals and non fitness professionals in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. In fact, it was everyone's first time experiencing what an MET workout was about! Why M.E.T. Method for general fitness? "M.E.T helps the brain remember how to move again and enables the body to move without... Continue Reading →

Brain Training the Movement Efficiency Training Introduction Workshop!     AN EXCLUSIVE SNEAK PREVIEW OF THE MOVEMENT EFFICIENCY TRAINING COURSE (ACE Accredited) *This two hour workshop is designed to introduce the method of training progressions that teaches the body how to move efficiently, effectively and dynamically by using a cutting edge neuroscience inspired system of systematically... Continue Reading →

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