We Train The Same…But Why Don’t I Look Like Her…

If you're always surrounded by these fit looking friends and people at your gym, or at your Pole class and they look completely different to your own physique, you might have wondered ... "..but I'm doing what they are doing..aren't we doing the same training? She probably doesn't eat.  Why don't I have abs like that?"  ... Continue Reading →

Are You Resting or Recovering?

This is a difference that should be acknowledged. I started working at a young age as a waitress and have always had a lot more plates to juggle at the same time than I should.  The desire to over achieve plus the sense of satisfaction when I get multiple tasks done when it is usually... Continue Reading →

TRX Double Master Class – Hong Kong

Now what could be better than having TWO TRX Master Instructors rocking your Thursday morning at 8:45am? Is that a trick question??? (OK fine...maybe having your feet massaged while having your hands massaged at the same time AND someone feeding you chocolate covered strawberries......could be better......Maybe...) It is ONLY this ONE TIME you will ever... Continue Reading →

Quickie Post : Are you Pre-millenial?

I remember having this generation talk with my peeps at Viva Vertical over a Christmas gathering.  We have a mix of generations on the instructing and performing team, sharing their days when internet was widely used. Nicholas being the youngest at 19, never even heard of this experience, of course...

I think I'll start my Sundy morning park workouts again with a small group. Kinda miss the morning dewy fresh air, the buzz-free mind that hasn't been tainted by the day and the relaxed yet eager vibe from the peeps who come on a Sunday morning. Fitness in Malaysia FTW!

Train Like an Avenger

So I'm finally caught up with the up and ups on the new FANTASTIC movie "Avengers". One Word AWESOME! Hence the inspiration of finding out how my favorite character in the movie trains... Robert Downey Jr.'s Iron Man Workout The workout routine that helped this Hollywood star gain 25 pounds of pure muscle. (by Mens... Continue Reading →

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