Viva Vertical Student Graduation Party

Congratulations to the new batch of Beginner and Intermediate students of Viva Vertical Malaysia: Kuala Lumpur! Prizes were also given out to Best Dressed and Best Performers, big ups to Cheah Wei Li, Jehan, Vicki Chew, Samantha Chan and Jian Hao! Shout to our guest performers Nicholas Lim, Adam Tan, Zane Gan and the boysContinue reading “Viva Vertical Student Graduation Party”

Pole Talk on NTV 7 “Bella”

This morning, we were invited on “Bella” to talk about why is it difficult for some people to stick to exercise regimes and what are some ways we can keep our workouts fun and interesting.  I was more than happy to talk about one of my passions with Viva Vertical 😀 Adam Tan came onContinue reading “Pole Talk on NTV 7 “Bella””

Perception of POLE Dancing

What do you visualize when you see this photo? . . . . How do you visualize the people who USE the apparatus in the photo above? To most of you, them may Pole users look like this… . . . . Those who express what we call “smirks” on their faces may visualize thisContinue reading “Perception of POLE Dancing”

Adding DANCE to Pole

That may sound odd to some…it would sound odd to those who think Pole Dancing is just girls grinding up and down the pole while stripping…that may be true IF you haven’t been well traveled or exposed to the world of exercise.  Heck, there are even people out there who think that by holding onContinue reading “Adding DANCE to Pole”

NEW YEAR DEAL: Dance Fitness Classes

By VIVA VERTICAL MALAYSIA YOUR INVITATION FOR THE NEW YEAR 2012 Viva Vertical invites you to take advantage of an OPEN DAY filled with deals and dance fitness classes! Kick start the new you for the new year 2012!! OPEN DAY, SUNDAY 15 JANUARY, 2012 Viva Vertical Stage, Ground Floor Heritage House, 33 Jalan YapContinue reading “NEW YEAR DEAL: Dance Fitness Classes”

Classes on Alternative Exercises

January’s class schedule is up for Viva Vertical Malaysia! Be sure to LIKE the Facebook page for first hand updates on promotions and news 🙂 STAGE Studio @ Jln Yap Ah Shak MONDAY 11:00 am – 12:00 noon ExoticPole 3:00 pm – 4:30 pm Lyrical Jazz 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm Aerial Arts (Silk Beg)Continue reading “Classes on Alternative Exercises”

Viva Vertical at Groove Dance School Singapore’s “A Fairytale Christmas”

ROAD TRIP! Since we made the boys Adam and Zane take the bus, the rest of the girls decided to drive down to Singapore this time around.  This trip was in support of Groove Dance School’s Groovy Event themed “A Fairytale’s Christmas”, whom are Viva Vertical’s education partners in Singapore.  So if you are lookingContinue reading “Viva Vertical at Groove Dance School Singapore’s “A Fairytale Christmas””

All Ladies Christmas Party

One of those rare times where we “demanded” all workshop participants come dressed in holiday themed costumes – and you know what, it really made the atmosphere more merry and cheery! *note to self, don’t hold back from buying more costumes* We had two levels of Pole & Chair Dance workshop on 17 December atContinue reading “All Ladies Christmas Party”

The Best Christmas Prezzie

…is for your support with a few clicks. My brother Adam Tan (Facebook Page) is currently in the Semi Finals running for the title of POLE IDOL, where if he wins he will go to the Grand Finals of the inaugural International Pole Championship 2012! Dance and of pole may not be seen as realisticContinue reading “The Best Christmas Prezzie”