It’s Only the Beginning

This post is dedicated to my youngest brother, who had just moved back to Tennessee, back home to Mother who is probably ECSTATIC to have her baby back after almost 10 years of living apart.  I hardly post anything personal on this blog but Adam has been a part of my professional journey as much asContinue reading “It’s Only the Beginning”

Body Blaze on NowTV Hong Kong

I didn’t realize the reruns were still going on here in Hong Kong until Janet told me last night – COOLIO!! (what happens when you don’t have cable at home…rely on other people’s news and updates  -_- ) So if you’re in HK and you have NowTV cable service, tune into channel 516 Life InspiredContinue reading “Body Blaze on NowTV Hong Kong”

Body Blaze: Behind the Scenes

It’s about time for some more behind the scenes shots from Body Blaze on Li,Life Inspired TV! 🙂 The shot above was posted on Li,Life Inspired’s Twitter account.         We shot a few episodes in Terrenganu, little did I know there were such beautiful beaches there and they are absolutely deserted!  Continue reading “Body Blaze: Behind the Scenes”

Get Life Inspired

This was quite a challenging morning for me, having had stayed up a bit after ONE FC Destiny of Warriors with The Fight Nation the night before and making it to Dataran Merdeka by 6:30am.  Joining the rest of the early risers (for that morning) from Li TV, I was geared up and ready toContinue reading “Get Life Inspired”

Get TV Motivated with Body Blaze!

FINALLY! After some grueling hours of shooting with TEAM EMP, the teasers are out for the new original production by Li TV Life Inspired Channel, called Body Blaze.  I was lucky enough to have a team of fun peeps, putting up with the exercise programs I had designed for the series, tolerating the heat withContinue reading “Get TV Motivated with Body Blaze!”