Learning About CrossFit

So in my last post, I said I would share WHY I was just dead on scared about starting CrossFit. I shall start that with my most used word when dealing with “Pole talk”: perception. Similar to what most people associate Pole Dancing with when they only HEAR about it rather than experiencing it and…

Hitting A Wall

I didn’t mean that literally…but it sure as hell felt like it. Since my absence in KL for a few months now, my so called exercise routine had been non-existent. ¬†Fitting in a 20minute here and there at the studio, doing a few classes through the months and riding on different gym trials is all…

Progress Post

Objective: Freeze this without my head touching the floor . Objective: Though my face ain’t touching the floor, it just doesn’t seem right that my head is that low…so hmmm..a better plaunche! . Objective: Get those heels together! . Objective: Stronger prep for a back walkover

Progress Post

Rope training had been neglected for a while now and I finally egg-ed myself on to get myself up there two days ago at Viva Vertical¬†STAGE studio What I told myself….. JUST FREAKIN DO IT BEFORE YOU LOSE IT ! Inspired by the M.E.T. Method philosophy, I went back to the basics to find room…

Progress Post

OK So I think in aid of keeping me on track – FOCUS : PERSISTENCE: DISCIPLINE – I’ll post up “Progress Photos” at least once a week…(sounds like a new year resolution whaaaa? 0_O)