Brain Power Training

Movement Efficiency Training will be back on 9th of November 2012, at Twin Towers Fitness Center! This one-day accredited course teaches cutting edge coaching cues deeply rooted in Neuroscience combined with a scientifically sound system of movement progressions and regressions. Movement Efficiency Training is designed to synchronize brain and body with the purpose to empower... Continue Reading →

Get Life Inspired

This was quite a challenging morning for me, having had stayed up a bit after ONE FC Destiny of Warriors with The Fight Nation the night before and making it to Dataran Merdeka by 6:30am.  Joining the rest of the early risers (for that morning) from Li TV, I was geared up and ready to... Continue Reading →

Singles Only Group Training

Somethin' special for the SINGLEs out there! I'll be conducting a group workout for SINGLES ONLY this Sunday 12 Feb at 7:30am, TTDI park, RM20. Who knows, you might meet someone who's equally as enthusiastic as you about taking charge of your body! 😉 Email me to book please. Spaces limited

Progress Post

Rope training had been neglected for a while now and I finally egg-ed myself on to get myself up there two days ago at Viva Vertical STAGE studio What I told myself..... JUST FREAKIN DO IT BEFORE YOU LOSE IT ! Inspired by the M.E.T. Method philosophy, I went back to the basics to find room... Continue Reading →

Hump Day Quickie Tip

BEAT THE BRAIN FATIGUE... MOVE A LITTLE MORE Researchers have long known that regular exercise increases the number of organelles called mitochondria in muscle cells. Since mitochondria are responsible for generating energy, this numerical boost is thought to underlie many of the positive physical effects of exercise, such as increased strength or endurance. Exercise also... Continue Reading →

Weight Loss Secret

Weight Loss Secret? It starts with self-image Another great article written by Marcel Daane, creator of MET (Movement Efficiency Training) Method "Just the other day, I was in a business meeting. Even though this meeting was not supposed to be related to fitness or health, I noticed that the small talk going around the table... Continue Reading →

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