The Best Fitspiration

Have you been active most of your life, always feeling pretty fit and confident in your capabilities, until that one challenge of changing your physique comes along and all of sudden, no activities you do seem to get you the lean-ness that you suddenly have a strong desire for? No? Just me? Fine. The pastContinue reading “The Best Fitspiration”

The Perfect Workout

“They have a greater effect, a greater consequence, a greater benefit,” Seto says. “Maybe because you’re so flexible when you’re younger, you can spring maybe you don’t see that big a benefit in stretching, rest and recovery, icing, all of that. You can get away with eating unhealthy. Now, as you’re getting older, it makesContinue reading “The Perfect Workout”

We Train The Same…But Why Don’t I Look Like Her…

If you’re always surrounded by these fit looking friends and people at your gym, or at your Pole class and they look completely different to your own physique, you might have wondered … “..but I’m doing what they are doing..aren’t we doing the same training? She probably doesn’t eat.  Why don’t I have abs like that?”  Continue reading “We Train The Same…But Why Don’t I Look Like Her…”

Nutrition for Injury Recovery

I love this infographic from Precision Nutrition. There are many reasons why I signed up for their Level 1 course, one of them being that I have been dealing with multiple injuries in the recent years from a combination of inadequate recovery, inadequate conditioning and lack of knowledge in nutrition for injury recovery. Moving forward,Continue reading “Nutrition for Injury Recovery”

I’m On a Plan…but Christmas…

Christmas is my favorite season of the year. That also means I look forward to traditional recipes, try out new recipes for the dinner table, and BAKE! BAKE! BAKE! (I swear if I wasn’t so heavily into the fitness industry, I would be a pastry chef!) Keeping the holidays stress-free though, has always been aContinue reading “I’m On a Plan…but Christmas…”

PINK Classes at Flex with CancerFund

Pink may not be your favorite color but it sure can be a color of cause for you to take note on. Flex Studio fully supports Power to the Pink with special classes this October.”.. “In support of cancer awareness and women living with breast cancer, we will be running a series of PINK classesContinue reading “PINK Classes at Flex with CancerFund”

New Place to Flex in Hong Kong

Save the Date! Flex Studio is celebrating the opening of its brand new studio in Central, Hong Kong! Their second location will be fully equipped for Pilates Allegro classes, as well as TRX Training, Flying Pilates, Aerial Hammock, and Xtend Barre.  Fret not if you prefer Private Training as this studio on Wyndham Street willContinue reading “New Place to Flex in Hong Kong”