From Pole Dancing to Muay Thai

A few months ago, I was stoked to be back hittin' pads. I was only back in the gym for 2 sessions...and then...I sprained my ankle doing something else. Ankle injury is healing and recovering in pretty decent time, I hope to be back at the Muay Thai gym in a few months! In the... Continue Reading →

GUEST BLOG: Kids Capoeira

In my effort to keep the blogging regular (and for your reading entertainment), I will have guest bloggers post here from now on too with what they know best. First guest blogger is Zen Humpage, awesomely known as Professor Berimbau who teaches Capoeira in Hong Kong.  Having been a fitness professional for over 7 years... Continue Reading →

Moving again with Capoeira

In the past three months, I have been dealing with a series of injuries which are pretty odd to me in how they occurred...all but one which was definitely the Kamikaze on Pole over new year break.  The most bizarre one (to me) was the lower back injury about 2 weeks ago, which has now subsided... Continue Reading →

Aerial Training in UK

Our first stop during our UK Training Tour - Cambridge Community Center.  A pretty dope space used for just about everybody with a knack for movement based activity.  Rotated and shared amongst teachers of different expertise, this place was equipped for mixed martial arts, aerial arts, circus arts, dance and there's even some pretty cool... Continue Reading →

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