Beginners Mindset

The beginner’s time is so underrated… I hear this often:“I can’t pole dance, I don’t have the skills!” Me as a teacher:“That is ESSENTIALLY WHY my job exists 👀 “ But also:“Of course you don’t know how to do something BECAUSE you don’t have the skills! If you want to, LEARN” Can this be said... Continue Reading →

My Biggest Fight of 2018

A bone marrow transplant is finally happening. This transplant chemo is the hardest 'bout yet and while the journey to recovering from a BMT looks long, challenging and financially stressful from another year of no work, it does come with the hope that my chances of surviving Acute Myeloid Leukaemia are boosted.  I’m quite stoked... Continue Reading →

“What Can The Rest of Us Do?”   A continuation of the last video on why is it not easy matching bone marrow like blood type. LEARN.   SHARE.   DISCUSS. ------- Now, what does deadlifting have to do with cancer? Well, what do people running marathons, white collar boxing and growing moustaches have to do with cancer? Same intention, different movement. (and... Continue Reading →

Cancer on Social Media

What I don't tell you on my Facebook and Instagram posts... ... that I cried in bed alone last night, woke with swollen eyes feeling shitty, yet managed to pull myself together nonetheless because I was meeting Jonathan Fung at Warrior Hong Kong, who believed in me enough to offer his time. I can feel my time there... Continue Reading →

Mind the Smashing

Today, I felt closer to myself.  Let’s elaborate.  It has been years of hearing the word "meditation".  Of course, I was constantly surrounding myself with millennial stimulants  If it weren’t for Youtube, I’d have music on, or a podcast, or consume social media, or something else that doesn't give the mind a break.  They were fillers... Continue Reading →

Fear Upon Cancer

It's a big word. I don't speak for everyone but I would bet that we don't speak about it enough. Fret not, this ain't a post where the objective is to leave you feeling depressed and down on life.  On the contrary, I hope this leaves you seeing "fear" in different perspectives, even uplifting. Fear... Continue Reading →

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