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Hump Day Quickie Tip

BEAT THE BRAIN FATIGUE... MOVE A LITTLE MORE Researchers have long known that regular exercise increases the number of organelles called mitochondria in muscle cells. Since mitochondria are responsible for generating energy, this numerical boost is thought to underlie many of the positive physical effects of exercise, such as increased strength or endurance. Exercise also... Continue Reading →

Weight Loss Secret

Weight Loss Secret? It starts with self-image Another great article written by Marcel Daane, creator of MET (Movement Efficiency Training) Method "Just the other day, I was in a business meeting. Even though this meeting was not supposed to be related to fitness or health, I noticed that the small talk going around the table... Continue Reading →

Hump Day Quickie Tip

Stay Hydrated You should drink plenty of water every day. Try to drink at least eight glasses (or 64 oz.) of water per day. The benefits drinking water provides are optimal hydration as well as a feeling of “fullness” without added calories. Sometimes people will mistake thirst for hunger. Because of this, staying hydrated can... Continue Reading →

Movement Efficiency Training Course

Ever since Marcel told me about his course, I've been waiting for an opportunity to attend again since I had missed last month's due to chest infection.  I finally get to go this Sunday (22 May) ! Here's an introduction of the course (from SandBell / Hyperwear Movement Efficiency Training Course (M.E.T) Teaching the... Continue Reading →

ViPR in Malaysia

Some shots from the recent showcase launch of ViPR at the Sunway Resort, organized by local distributor ECO Lifestyle Fitness "ViPR was created from a need to evolve training tools, foster purposeful motion and blend strength training with functional training and movement. Movement is fundamental. And what makes up effective movement is a blend of... Continue Reading →

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