Aussie Pole Stuff (Canberra)

Alright, first post of 2013!!! (terrible of me >_<) Well good thing for you is you ain't gotta read about my NYE and New Year resolution crap and jump right into some pole action stuff! This is my second time in Australia and quite coincidently, both trips happened around Australia Day! ┬áThis time around I... Continue Reading →

The Disciplined Brother – Andrew Tan

I gotta give it to my brother Andrew. All he needed were a few resources and BAM he's the most disciplined one in the house right now! Now that he has joined the world of smart phones, he's able to take photos of the food he eats and share tips on how to prepare them... Continue Reading →

Hump Day Quickie Tip

GIVE YOUR CALCIUM A CRUNCH Telling me I need to pop my calcium supplement pills everyday pretty much means you will sound like your nagging mother. ┬áSomething about pills...that I absolutely dislike swallowing ( -___-'') Now every girl needs her calcium so I have to find some way to get it in and what better... Continue Reading →

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