An awesome highlight from Hong Kong’s contribution to World Pull Up day on the island side. Check for updated scores worldwide and see if we set the world record or not! Here are my chin ups: In the mean time, I’m gonna enjoy doing some shopping 🙂 Thank you Street Workout Hong Kong teamContinue reading

Viva Circus at Taylor’s Retreat: Action Shots

  OK so this is more like a photo post AND it’s about five months late but hell, better late than never  😛 Here are some action shots from our day at Taylor’s Retreat UK for their fund raiser through pole and circus.                        Continue reading “Viva Circus at Taylor’s Retreat: Action Shots”

Viva Circus at Taylor’s Retreat: Playtime

So the four of us – Sam, Shan, Vee and myself, were invited to perform at this Fund Raiser for Cancer Research UK.  Of course we said yes, any time we have an opportunity to help a great cause, we’re there – not to mention Ben who runs Taylor’s Retreat Pole Studio is a friendlyContinue reading “Viva Circus at Taylor’s Retreat: Playtime”

Everyone Has Hope Project

I was quite lucky to run into the core team behind this PROJECT, at Capital FM last week on The Jam Break with DJ Liang. Spearheaded by Colin Shafer of Colinizing Photography, EVERYONE HAS HOPE is a photography-based project created by the students and staff of the Canadian Pre-University (CPU) course of Taylor’s College, Subang Jaya,Continue reading “Everyone Has Hope Project”