Guess Where I Was

For almost a week I was pretty much off the radar, busy with a very exciting project and will share with everyone once I get clearance to 😉 In the mean time, here are some awesome photos I managed to snap the first few days and more by my teammates while I was busy being... Continue Reading →

Progress Post

OK So I think in aid of keeping me on track - FOCUS : PERSISTENCE: DISCIPLINE - I'll post up "Progress Photos" at least once a week...(sounds like a new year resolution whaaaa? 0_O)

A Dose of Dance

December had seemed to be a heavy dance month, taking workshops and meeting inspiring instructors from Singapore and America.  I'm SOOOOOOOO very grateful to have dance buddies to go to these things with so I wouldn't feel so much like the awkward duckling, so Thank You Adam,Shan and Zane!   “I do not try to... Continue Reading →

What Are Some Ways to Motivate Someone to Exercise With You?

Excerpt from Sep 10, 2011 | By Linda Kaban Photo Credit Jupiterimages/Goodshoot/Getty Images Overview Getting anyone to do anything — particularly if neither you nor they are sure they want to do it at all — is an exercise in patience and, all too often, in futility. When you want to get someone to... Continue Reading →

A Festival for Everyone

"An independent artist created multi arts festival described by festival director Jerry Snell from Canada as “where new trends of art collide with stylized beats of today’s youth, exploding into one indefinable performance…Defying restraints of any one technique COLLISION ARTS ASIA is a showcase of dynamic physical abilities spliced with music, multimedia, dance, acrobatics, circus,... Continue Reading →

Got Stress? LAUGH It Off!

COMEDY CENTRAL... was what I used to tune into late at night after a long day of work. Sadly, our local cable provider does not offer that channel in Malaysia. (ridiculous censorship board! hearing "penis" on TV and they may think our nation has been tainted) I enjoy a good laugh, after all, we need... Continue Reading →

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