Prioritizing Health, Ain’t Just About Yours

Picture this... You just received news that someone you love and care about had been diagnosed with cancer... it's a bloody devastating moment. You rush over to the hospital because you need to see if he or she is coping and because you know that someone would be counting on you to be there. You... Continue Reading →

Fear Upon Cancer

It's a big word. I don't speak for everyone but I would bet that we don't speak about it enough. Fret not, this ain't a post where the objective is to leave you feeling depressed and down on life.  On the contrary, I hope this leaves you seeing "fear" in different perspectives, even uplifting. Fear... Continue Reading →

The Best Fitspiration

Have you been active most of your life, always feeling pretty fit and confident in your capabilities, until that one challenge of changing your physique comes along and all of sudden, no activities you do seem to get you the lean-ness that you suddenly have a strong desire for? No? Just me? Fine. The past... Continue Reading →

The Perfect Workout

"They have a greater effect, a greater consequence, a greater benefit," Seto says. "Maybe because you're so flexible when you're younger, you can spring [and] maybe you don't see that big a benefit in stretching, rest and recovery, icing, all of that. You can get away with eating unhealthy. Now, as you're getting older, it... Continue Reading →

5 Things I learned from a Contest Prep

I became (or I'd like to think so) very knowledgable in every division available when it comes to women's bodybuilding, aka physique  building, aka body sculpting, aka aesthetics training.  Yup, confused yet?   ---- 2. I never knew I could think about food in so many ways.  You think about food when your alarm goes off, when... Continue Reading →

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