Song of the Week

Until We Bleed – Kleerup ft. Lykke Li

I’ve been choreographing to this song for all my pole classes this week, adapting and applying different tricks for beginners up to intermediate level.

When I get the green light from the students on posting up the finished choreo, will do so here ๐Ÿ˜‰

In the mean time, enjoy this piece choreographed by @GoldieWings

How to TRX at the Park

Day or night, nothing stops one from TRX Suspension Training.

This round, we got a group involving a current American football player, a former soccer & baseball player, a dancer and Muay Thai practitioner together for a kick ass session!

Contact for training

Venue: TTDI Park, Kuala Lumpur MALAYSIA

Blast From The Past

Came across these photos while sorting out my Sony cam’s hard drive. SMILEZZZZ

Nakedbreed's Lead Singer - Music Video Shoot
Baby G - Nakedbreed's Music Video Shoot
Viva Vertical Pole-Athon 2009
International Pole Dance Fitness Championship 2010 - Manila
Pole Stars 2010 (Malaysia Pole Championship) Semi Finals - Kuala Lumpur
Winning Team Members at PoleAthon 2009 - Pole Panthers Milan & Eva
Chillin' on Mount Kinabalu - South East Asia's Highest Peak
Vee Striking a Pose on Mount Kinabalu
Adam, Shan, Samantha
Workshop at Level Up Fitness - Kuching
Workshop at Level Up Fitness - Kuching
Director of Level Up Fitness - Kenny Sia
Morning Breakfast TV Show Shoot - Manila
PoleAthon Team Pole Panther Member - Eva
Pole Stars 2010 (Malaysia Pole Championship) Grand Finals - Kuala Lumpur - Hosted by Joyce Wong "" & Jeremy Teo ""
Emily's Fitness Challenge at Viva Vertical PoleAthon 2009 (
Pole Dance Solo by Shan Liew

ViPR in Malaysia

Some shots from the recent showcase launch of ViPR at the Sunway Resort, organized by local distributor ECO Lifestyle Fitness

“ViPR was created from a need to evolve training tools, foster purposeful motion and blend strength training with functional training and movement. Movement is fundamental. And what makes up effective movement is a blend of lifting, shifting and twisting.”

Michol Dalcourt, creator of ViPR

Supporting Malaysian Talents

We all know AT LEAST one person in our circle of friends who complain that Malaysia is behind on new talents, supportive community for performing arts, unenthusiastic Malaysian audience, primitive locals who are DINO-Age when it comes to social media…bla bla bla

Well, since we’re all on the same page in sharing the vision of Malaysia making a prominent mark in the performing arts and talents scene – here’s how you can help.

and yes, it may seem like it’s just one of you…but many one-of-yous tally up to a big number of supporters ๐Ÿ˜‰

Advocates at Viva Vertical have been striving hard to educate our local society and neighbours(countries) on the benefits of physical activity. Whether we’re using vertical steel apparatuses, round steel apparatuses, low/high hanging fabric/ropes or dance choreography – the ultimate goal is to raise awareness on the importance of exercise and its physiological and physical effect.

Once again, the platform for new talents has been provided at this year’s Malaysia Pole Championship – Pole Stars 2011. The competition hosts fair play of rules between amateurs and professionals* for both men and women.

*Professionals – anyone who collect an income in a form of $ or in kind via instructing or performing pole*

We believe Malaysians are way more advanced in social media than some lead to believe, especially with local giants like Nuffnang spreading its wings internationally. (Check out their support HERE for Pole Stars 2010).

SOOOOOOO here’s how YOU can support:

1 – Log on to

2 – Browse categories “Exotic Pole” (Amateur) , “Fit Pole” (Amateur), “Ultimate” (Professional) & “Duo Pole” (Mixed) and watch uploaded videos of participants

3 – Select your favorites (YES, you can have more than one favorite!) and CLICK on the Facebook page link RIGHT NEXT TO THE VIDEO to VOTE

4 –ย  If you haven’t added POLE STARS MY as a friend yet on Facebook, log onย  to www.FACEBOOK.COM and search for “POLE STARS MY” account to “ADD AS FRIEND”, enabling voting(“LIKE”) privileges


Leading up to the main event, there will be a POLE OUT PARTY this Saturday (30th April) where “WILD CARD ENTRY” for Pole Stars will be performed LIVE and judged by the judging panel.

EVERYONE is invited to come

Hope to see YOU and your buddies there!

A Pick-Me-Up

I guess the average activities used as a Pick-Me-Up when you’re feeling pretty shitty, are shopping, clubbing, jogging or even just a bath. That day after another long bus ride from KL to Singapore, I chose to attend a hip hop class at O School to get my spirit up.


Hip Hop community in Singapore is so much more supportive than the hip hop community that I’ve seen in KL, probably one of the reasons why their skill level in Singapore is more advanced. As much as I struggled to keep up with the rest of the class with a heavy head, I still had tons of fun! Instructor for class that day was Xiao Hei.ย  Why are these tiny girls so AWESOME in hip hop!? She got the swag and everythan’! ๐Ÿ˜€

BUT WAIT! We have HOPE! KL sure issteppin up its game, especially with tireless dance enthusiasts like Dennis Yin and Adam Tan.ย  Their loyal following of the incredible dance movement in California contributes to their evolving dance skills.

Here’s a vid of their last workshop together with Brian Puspos & Jun Quemado from USA

Competing – A Priceless Journey

Every year I meet more pole students who can’t wait to perform and/or compete.

It may be hard to believe but the reality is, MANY of us have this thriving curiosity on what it’s like to be up there on stage.

Unfortunately not many get to satisfy that curiosity…could be a number of reasons like employment clauses with their high ranking companies, doubting their conservative families support , selfish companions who are too egotistical about their own reputation rather than their companion’s journey of achievements, OR just not having enough encouragement to do so.

Let’s get down to this : if you were in any way concerned about what others may think of you when they know you’re taking pole classes, worrying about what others think of you about participating in a competition doesn’t make much sense now, does it? (-___-”)

So what could be the biggest factor?

“I’m not good enough” ? – If we live by this attitude, I doubt we’ll get far in our journey of life. So let’s not consider that…

I personally feel it’s SUPPORT.

The mental support you get from your fellow competitors; they are the only ones in your proximity who truly understand the roller coaster waves of thoughts and emotions you are going through.ย  Words of encouragement to each other means a lot more than that Gucci handbag.

The mental support you get from your instructors and from your pole mates; understanding that no matter how you do, they are still proud of you for being courageous and taking this step forward. I realize that the team of instructors we have are natural nurturers, they want nothing than to see their students succeed.

The mental support you get from your best buddies and companion; the people you rant to and the people you count on are also the people you see most often out of pole classes and pole practice

The mental support you get from your family; knowing no matter what, these people who grew up with you have got your back

“Ask and you shall receive”



TRX GSTC #2 in Singapore

TRX Fitness Singapore organized the second public GSTC last Sunday on 3 April.

This time around it was held at Fitness Chemistry studio on Boon Tat Street, Singapore.

A cool set up to accommodate areas for kickboxing, TRX Suspension Training and resistance band training

Participants get instant access to purchasing their very own TRX Suspension Trainer at these courses, along with TRX DVDs, TRX T-shirts, TRX Water Bottles and other accessories.



Welcoming Singapore’s second batch of TRX Group Suspension Training Course certified trainers from Singapore, Malaysia, Poland, Canada and Italy!



I’m glad I connected with the dancers in the group ;D muahahahaha. SPILTS PLAY!