Re-Live to Move Forward

This was taken on a good mood day a month ago, fresh after a haircut (I know, I’m at the point where I GET to have haircuts now! #BaldToPunk) I have more good days than not-good days, and I'm here to acknowledge those days. Recently, I’ve needed more space. Since last week, I’ve gained more... Continue Reading →

Leukaemia Status Update | 6-Months Post-Transplant

Most common questions... What is my cancer status... What could have caused it... What have I been doing for the past 6 months... What do I plan to do for the future... ... delivered in this video.  Thank you for taking the time to watch it ❤   Links Cancer Fund Aid Liv... Continue Reading →

PMC Podcast Show Notes

Mitch and I chatted for almost 2 hours on his podcast! Understandably, that's a LOT to get through listening to.  So here are show notes I've done to help. A good practice for my podcast project 🙂 Podcast episode on Pacific Muscle Chats HERE   or links below: (iTunes) (Spotify) Show notes 2:10   Background. ... Continue Reading →

Cancer and Relationships

Relationships. As much as I share on social media, I hardly share anything about this topic online.  Reasons not too morphed over the years.  Now, no longer.  It is with a deep understanding of differences amidst the same desired fundamentals and the value of learning through conversations. So, in the interest of full disclosure about... Continue Reading →

Stem Cell Transplant – Em’s Hospital Stay Diary

Day -13 As in 13 days until the day of my stem cell transplant/bone marrow transplant (STC/BMT) for Acute Myeloid Leukaemia. Admission, prep, deposit. Prior to being admitted today, I had a scare that I wouldn’t be able to pay the 500,000 HKD deposit for this transplant.  Once again, the people around me pulled through... Continue Reading →

My Biggest Fight of 2018

A bone marrow transplant is finally happening. This transplant chemo is the hardest 'bout yet and while the journey to recovering from a BMT looks long, challenging and financially stressful from another year of no work, it does come with the hope that my chances of surviving Acute Myeloid Leukaemia are boosted.  I’m quite stoked... Continue Reading →

“What Can The Rest of Us Do?”   A continuation of the last video on why is it not easy matching bone marrow like blood type. LEARN.   SHARE.   DISCUSS. ------- Now, what does deadlifting have to do with cancer? Well, what do people running marathons, white collar boxing and growing moustaches have to do with cancer? Same intention, different movement. (and... Continue Reading →

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