Stem Cell Transplant – Em’s Hospital Stay Diary

Day -13 As in 13 days until the day of my stem cell transplant/bone marrow transplant (STC/BMT) for Acute Myeloid Leukaemia. Admission, prep, deposit. Prior to being admitted today, I had a scare that I wouldn’t be able to pay the 500,000 HKD deposit for this transplant.  Once again, the people around me pulled throughContinue reading “Stem Cell Transplant – Em’s Hospital Stay Diary”

My Biggest Fight of 2018

A bone marrow transplant is finally happening. This transplant chemo is the hardest ’bout yet and while the journey to recovering from a BMT looks long, challenging and financially stressful from another year of no work, it does come with the hope that my chances of surviving Acute Myeloid Leukaemia are boosted.  I’m quite stokedContinue reading “My Biggest Fight of 2018”

“What Can The Rest of Us Do?”

  A continuation of the last video on why is it not easy matching bone marrow like blood type. LEARN.   SHARE.   DISCUSS. ——- Now, what does deadlifting have to do with cancer? Well, what do people running marathons, white collar boxing and growing moustaches have to do with cancer? Same intention, different movement. (and we’reContinue reading ““What Can The Rest of Us Do?””

Does Being Young Mean Cancer Won’t Get You

“You’re young! You’ll be fine” Dude, I FEEL fine.  I FEEL strong. Leukaemia?   But I could parrot that all day and I still can’t stop the thoughts of “what the fuck if…” I’m left with 2 choices: drown in those thoughts… OR channel that shit and do something useful.  Hence the videos and incessantContinue reading “Does Being Young Mean Cancer Won’t Get You”

Nutrition & Training DO Matter for My Leukemia Journey

We ARE our worst critics, aren’t we. There I was (still am), with more time on my hands. Yet, I lacked the discipline and drive to work on what it takes for better body composition (but I flippin’ do now!)  Some might joke that cancer should mean guaranteed weight loss but dude, that shit don’t lastContinue reading “Nutrition & Training DO Matter for My Leukemia Journey”

Bone Marrow Donor Drive in Malaysia

SO PROUD of these humans I call family <3 THIS event is a fundraiser AND a bone marrow donor drive in Kuala Lumpur. We’ve heard lots about blood drives but not so much about bone marrow drives.  Learn why bone marrow donations are needed to save lives HERE. Organized by Viva Vertical    |   Continue reading “Bone Marrow Donor Drive in Malaysia”

Cancer on Social Media

What I don’t tell you on my Facebook and Instagram posts… … that I cried in bed alone last night, woke with swollen eyes feeling shitty, yet managed to pull myself together nonetheless because I was meeting Jonathan Fung at Warrior Hong Kong, who believed in me enough to offer his time. I can feel my time thereContinue reading “Cancer on Social Media”

Mind the Smashing

Today, I felt closer to myself.  Let’s elaborate.  It has been years of hearing the word “meditation”.  Of course, I was constantly surrounding myself with millennial stimulants  If it weren’t for Youtube, I’d have music on, or a podcast, or consume social media, or something else that doesn’t give the mind a break.  They were fillersContinue reading “Mind the Smashing”

What I Ignored

  Why am I listing these?  Well, since I haven’t found any literature on the cause of Acute Myeloid Leukaemia, I can only look back and assess my environment and overall wellbeing. SLEEP ANXIETY NUTRIENTS ENVIRONMENT RADIATION   SLEEP  I’ve always had trouble falling asleep.  Sometimes, even staying asleep.  On average, 5-6 hours of sleepContinue reading “What I Ignored”