Around this time last year, I was closer to dying than I ever was… again. (I know, geez Emily, that’s sooooo dramatic) *rolls eyes* Whatev’s y’all, reflection is important for growth! This time last year, I was admitted for intensive chemotherapy followed by a stem cell transplant (bone marrow transplant). Things felt scary at thatContinue reading “Dying”

Cancer and Career Interview with The Hive

Excerpt “Recently, she completed her first live talk recounting her experience as a cancer survivor at an event hosted by Joint Dynamics, a physiotherapy clinic in Hong Kong. She has also made guest appearances on Pacific Muscle Chats and Hong Kong Confidential to share her experiences in mental and sexual health as well as dealingContinue reading “Cancer and Career Interview with The Hive”

Face-Mask Ban Impediment

Today, Hong Kong announced they are officially banning face-mask wearing at protests and in public, effective from 5th of October, 2019. News reported that we won’t be prosecuted if we’re wearing masks for health reasons, however, mask-wearing will now be seen as defying the law, more than ever. Even if we ain’t harassed by theContinue reading “Face-Mask Ban Impediment”

My First Talk As a Cancer Fighter

Firstly, I was nervous about this 🙊 My experience in presenting is on fitness content but when I sat down to outline this talk, self-doubt crept in. I wondered how I could bring value when I’m just talking about myself. So, I procrastinated and didn’t work on my powerpoint slides until a few hours beforeContinue reading “My First Talk As a Cancer Fighter”

Leukaemia Status Update | 6-Months Post-Transplant

Most common questions… What is my cancer status… What could have caused it… What have I been doing for the past 6 months… What do I plan to do for the future… … delivered in this video.  Thank you for taking the time to watch it <3   Links Cancer Fund Aid https://donorbox.org/caringforemilylolatan Liv Magazine:Continue reading “Leukaemia Status Update | 6-Months Post-Transplant”

PMC Podcast Show Notes

Mitch and I chatted for almost 2 hours on his podcast! Understandably, that’s a LOT to get through listening to.  So here are show notes I’ve done to help. A good practice for my podcast project 🙂 Podcast episode on Pacific Muscle Chats HERE   or links below: (iTunes) https://podcasts.apple.com/zw/podcast/battling-leukaemia-w-emily-tan/id1467731768?i=1000441047297 (Spotify) https://open.spotify.com/episode/4FvjBXgReu8qo7wIoDkGxE?si=IHPlLEsaTG-jP1_hBUlfUg Show notes 2:10   Background. Continue reading “PMC Podcast Show Notes”

Tap Cancer Out – Podcast Episode

When I was invited to go on the podcast channel “Hong Kong Confidential” to share my story, I had no idea I’d go that in-depth with how I lost my virginity and had an abortion at 15 years old. The host of the podcast Jules Hannaford, also the author of “Fool Me Twice “, held spaceContinue reading “Tap Cancer Out – Podcast Episode”

Cancer and Relationships

Relationships. As much as I share on social media, I hardly share anything about this topic online.  Reasons not too morphed over the years.  Now, no longer.  It is with a deep understanding of differences amidst the same desired fundamentals and the value of learning through conversations. So, in the interest of full disclosure aboutContinue reading “Cancer and Relationships”